Staying Cool in Franklin Lakes: Your Summer Air Conditioning Guide


The summer season in Franklin Lakes, NJ, can turn from pleasantly warm to sweltering, making your air conditioning an essential part of home comfort. But how do you ensure your Franklin Lakes air conditioning system operates at peak efficiency while keeping energy costs low? At American Air Group LLC, we’re dedicated to helping our customers navigate these warmer months comfortably and efficiently. Here are our top recommendations:

1. The Importance of Regular AC Maintenance in Franklin Lakes

Neglecting regular maintenance of your air conditioning system can lead to inefficiencies, higher energy bills, and even breakdowns when you most need cooling. An annual professional check-up can detect minor issues before they escalate into major problems, ensuring your Franklin Lakes air conditioning is ready to perform optimally throughout the summer.

2. Energy Efficient AC in Franklin Lakes: Tips for Lower Energy Bills

While your Franklin Lakes air conditioning is working hard to keep your home cool, there are ways you can assist in reducing energy consumption:

  • Adjust the thermostat settings. When you’re away, raise the thermostat a few degrees. You’ll save on your energy bill without sacrificing comfort.
  • Utilize ceiling fans to help circulate cool air, reducing the load on your air conditioner.
  • Keep blinds and curtains closed during the hottest parts of the day to reduce solar heat gain.

4. Insulation: Maximizing the Efficiency of Your Franklin Lakes Air Conditioning

Proper insulation isn’t just for keeping heat in during the winter; it also helps keep your home cool in the summer by trapping the cool air inside. Consider insulating areas like the attic, walls, and floors to maximize the efficiency of your Franklin Lakes air conditioning system.

5. Recognizing When to Call a Professional for HVAC Services in Franklin Lakes

While regular maintenance and these tips can help, sometimes professional help is necessary. Don’t ignore persistent noises, smells, or insufficient cooling from your AC. If you encounter these issues, our skilled technicians at American Air Group LLC are ready to provide quick, reliable HVAC services in Franklin Lakes.


The summer heat in Franklin Lakes, NJ, is no match for a well-maintained and efficient air conditioning system. Follow these tips to enjoy a cool, comfortable summer while keeping your energy costs under control. Remember, American Air Group LLC is just a call away for all your HVAC services in Franklin Lakes, ensuring your summer is a breeze!

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